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Over the last decade Israel has emerged as a surprising and important player in the foreign film industry with many award-winning films and TV series.
SERET International, the Israeli Film and Television Festival, plays a vital role in offering the Dutch audiences a glimpse of the world leading, innovative, dynamic and passionate film and TV industry in Israel.

We are very pleased to offer you six Dutch premieres of highly original contemporary Israeli films and TV productions that have not been shown before in The Netherlands. All the films have English subtitles.

Israeli film is the voice of a new generation of Israelis, reflecting a melting pot of cultures, religions and social backgrounds. SERET International invites audiences to rethink their views and discover a world they have probably never seen before. With subjects ranging from lost loves to spying, from mental illness to racism, incest to inter-generational bridge building, trading places to poetry. A unique opportunity not to be missed.

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Apples from the desert
Director: Arik Lubetzky, Matti Harari
Cast: Moran Rosenblatt, Shlomi Koriat, Remonde Amselle
Short Film
Director: Alon Newman
Cast: Jenya Lerer, Debbie Levin, Rodick Dinisman
Hill start
Comedy - Drama
Director: Oren Stern
Cast: Shlomo Bar-Aba, Mali Levi Gershon, Itay Tiran, Rotem Zisman Cohen, Romi Aboulafia
The green prince
Documentary Thriller
Director: Nadav Schirman
Cast: Mosab Hassan Yousef & Gonen Ben Yitzhak
The kindergarten teacher
Director: Nadav Lapid
Cast: Sarit Larry, Avi Shnaidman, Lior Raz
Director: Nir Bergman
Cast: Naomi Levov, Shalom Michaelashvili, Itamar Rothchild, Michael Moshonov, Tom Hagi
Zero motivation
Director: Talya Lavie
Cast: Dana Ivgy, Nelly Tagar, Shani Klein

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