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SERET GERMANY 2019 is back from August 31st till September 10th, and will be hitting cinemas screens in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt and Leipzig.
Our 2019 programme is richly diverse, covering the broad scope of secular and religious life amongst all of Israel’s communities. Our selected films and documentaries comment on the plight of ‘the other’ through examining immigration, sexual transition and disability. We have chosen films which examine fatherhood and family trauma with heart and soul; which open the lid on suppressed political intrigues, share religious and spiritual journeys, and which demonstrate the effects of the wars of yesterday and today.
This is our 4th year in Germany and for the first time, some of the films will come with German subtitles.
Come see for yourself.


SERET Deutschland kehrt vom 31. August bis 10. September zurück in ausgewählte Kinos in Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, München, Frankfurt und Leipzig.
Unser diesjähriges Programm bleibt vielfältig und schließt ein breites Themenfeld des sekulären und religiösen Lebens der israelischen Gemeinschaften ein. Die Spiel- und Dokumentarfilme berichten über die Zwangslage “des Anderen” im Bereich der Immigration, der sexuellen Transition und Behinderungen. Wir haben uns für Filme entschieden, die sich auf Vaterschaft und Traumata in der Familie fokusieren, Filme, die die Augen öffnen wollen für politische Intrigen, Filme, die religiöse und spirituelle Reisen begleiten, Filme, die die Auswirkungen der Kriege von gestern und heute aufzeigen.
Es ist unser viertes Jahr in Deutschland und zum ersten Mal zeigen wir einige Filme auch mit deutschen Untertiteln.

Kommen Sie und lassen Sie sich überzeugen!



Odelia Haroush – CO Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Sharing her time between Tel Aviv and London, Odelia is a member of the Israeli Film Academy. Odelia holds an MA in Communications and her extensive professional career spans advertising, marketing, PR, production and promotion.

Anat Koren – CO Founder and Chief Operations Officer
Anat has been living in London for over 30 years. She holds a second degree in Information Management, she is a journalist, broadcaster and a publisher. Anat is one of the founders of GIL- Global Israeli Leadership forum, a worldwide initiative.

Patty Hochmann – Co-Founder and Artistic Director
Based in Israel, Patty is a member of the Israeli Film Academy and her knowledge of Israeli film and TV is second to none. Her passion ensures that SERET is abundant with cutting edge and top-quality Israeli productions from well-respected and loved film-makers.

Nir Ferber – Germany Coordinator
A PhD student at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University, Nir has been based in Berlin since 2017. He is a member of the programming committee of the Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival and teaches film theory.

A Letter from London
Director: Doug Dalgleish
Director and Writer: Yaron Shani
Cast: Stav Almagor, Eran Naim, Stav Patay
Good Morning Son
Director and Writer: Sharon Bar-Ziv
Cast: Sharon Bar-Ziv, Keren Mor, Asia Naifeld, Aviv Elkabeth
How to Swim
Short Film
Director and Screenwriter: Noa Gusakov
Cast: Dina Sanderson, Orli Zilbershatz
Jonathan Agassi Saved my Life
Director: Tomer Heymann
Joseph & Josephine
Director: Ronit Tayar
King Bibi
Director: Dan Shadur
Director: Jacob Goldwasser
Cast: Nevo Kimchi, Doval’e Glickman, Evalin Hagoel, Yafit Asulin
Malka Malka
Short Film
Director: Maya Yavin
Noble Savage
Director: Marco Carmel
Cast: Neveh Tzur, Alon Aboutboul, Liat Ekta, Moris Cohen, Ori Pfeffer
Old Thing
Short Film
Director and Screenwriter: Roni Bahat
Cast: Yehuda Romano, Elad Havivian, Alberto
Portrait of My Family in my 13th Year
Short Film
Director and Screenwriter: Omri Dekel-Kadosh
Cast: Omri Dekel-Kadosh, Meir Kadosh, Elay Kadosh
Directors: Yossi Madmoni, Boaz Yehonatan Yaacov
Cast: Moshe Folkenflick, Emily Granin, Yonatan Galila, Sivan Shtivi, Sendi Bar
Rubber Dolphin
Short Film
Director and Screenwriter: Ori Aharon
Cast: Chen Chefetz, Omri Laron
Short Rides
Short Film
Directors: Omri Dekel-Kadosh | Maya Yavin | Ori Aharon | Roni Bahat | Noa Gusakov
Director and Writer: Nadav Lapid
Cast: Tom Mercier, Quentin Dolmaire, Louise Chevillotte
The Jewish Underground
Director: Shai Gal
The Other Story
Director: Avi Nesher
Cast: Joy Reiger, Mayaan Bloom, Yuval Segal, Nathan Goshen, Sasson Gabai, Maya Dagan
The Unorthodox
Director and Writer: Eliran Malka
Cast: Shuli Rand, Yaacov Cohen, Golan Azulai, Yoav Levi, Tzahi Grad

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