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    SERET UK 2024

    SERET UK, the largest Israeli film festival in the world, is proud to announce its upcoming edition, which will be held this year from May 16th to May 23rd, 2024.

    Surrounded by an amazing community of friends and cinema lovers, SERET is celebrating its Bar Mitzvah, marking thirteen years of showcasing the best of Israeli cinema to audiences worldwide.

    In recent months, the festival has faced challenges and pressures on cinema houses, with threats of boycotts and demands for cancellations. However, SERET remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting Israeli culture through cinema and refuses to succumb to censorship or cancellation.

    As always, the program for this year’s festival promises to be varied and fascinating. Audiences can expect to see the best of last year’s feature films, documentaries, and short films, including works by talented alumni from Israeli film schools. The Israeli film and TV industry has garnered increasing international recognition in recent years, with awards from prestigious film festivals around the globe. Notably, Israeli stars from both the big and small screens have become household names internationally, showcasing the talent and creativity of Israeli filmmakers to audiences worldwide.

    SERET UK is honored to continue its mission of promoting Israeli culture and cinema on the international stage, providing audiences in the UK with a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Israeli life and creativity through the art of filmmaking. Join us for a week-long celebration of Israeli cinema, culture, and community at SERET UK 2024.




    Odelia Haroush – Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Sharing her time between Tel Aviv and London, Odelia is a member of the Israeli Film Academy. Odelia holds an MA in Communications and her extensive professional career spans advertising, marketing, PR, production and promotion.

    Patty Hochmann – Co-Founder and Artistic Director
    Based in Israel, Patty is a member of the Israeli Film Academy and her knowledge of Israeli film and TV is second to none. Her passion ensures that SERET is abundant with cutting edge and top-quality Israeli productions from well-respected and loved filmmakers.

    Eliana Bekier – UK Producer
    An Israeli actress and producer who has made significant contribution to the arts and culture industries in Israel. In addition to her acting career, Eliana has taken a role of a producer, showcasing her ability to bring creative projects to life. She has lent her expertise to the UK Jewish Film festival and now working as a producer for SERET- the Israeli film festival.

    Sarig Peker
    A London based independent producer for film and theatre. Producer of award winning documentary 1341 Frames of Love and War, directed by Ran Tal.

    Ilana Wegrzyn
    A trained psychotherapist and art curator. Interested in the manifestations of the human psyche through various mediums of art.




    Keren Shefet
    Experienced Producer & Creator with expertise in the theatre and screen sectors. Created and produced a wide range of initiatives, including theatre plays, viral videos, TV broadcasts, and festivals. Keren holds a B.Ed. in Theatre Directing and Teaching and an MA in producing from the Met Film School in London.

    Mili Avital
    Mili Avital is the first Israeli actor to establish a career in Hollywood. After winning the Israeli Academy Award at the age of 19, Avital moved to the US in 1994 and starred in numerous films, including Jim Jarmouch’s Deadman and Roland Emmerich’s Stargate. Her extensive television work includes Law & Order, Damages and a starring stint in Prisoners of War (aka Hatufim). For 2024, Avital has just completed Mary opposite Anthony Hopkins and she is currently filming Kugel, a spin off of the hit series Shtisel. Avital lives in London and New York, and has been married for many years to Oscar-winning screenwriter, Charles Randolph. They have two children.

    Shirit Gal Kedar
    Shirit is an Israeli freelance journalist with a focus on entertainment and culture who is based in London. She works with various outlets, and particularly Ynet, conducting both print and on camera interviews. Shirit directed, produced, and wrote a short movie and is currently working on two other shorts. She is a board member of the “Lighthouse international Film Festival”, Long Beach Island and “SERET Israeli Film Festival” here is the UK.

    Anat Koren
    Anat Koren, a co-founder of SERET, spent a decade with it before taking up a position as a Fact Checking producer at Reuters. She is also the founder and Editor in Chief at Alondon.

    Liraz Chamami
    Liraz is a lead academy nominated actress based in LondonLiraz is most known for her work in the movie ‘happy times’, the series ‘Malkot’ and her 3 seasons series Manayek as Tal Ben-Harush who soon will film a spin off based on her character. In 2012 Liraz met her husband, Ben Naylor, when played Jessica, shailok’s daughter, at the globe to globe festival. They married at 2014 and since they live with their daughter in London.
    In the next year you’ll be able to watch her in the two international series: ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘Unconditional’.



    The success of the festival depends largely on the support of our donors and sponsors. SERET International makes a significant investment to present the finest new films made in Israel in the last year.

    By becoming a contributor, you play a crucial role in this creative process by allowing us to continue to expand our programming and present the Israeli cinema that has become synonymous with SERET.

    SERET International is a recognised charity and your gift is tax deductible.

    If you have questions or would like information about sponsorship packages and donations,
    please email:

    Thank you!

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    FIND My Film

    Arugam Bay
    Director: Marco Carmel
    Cast: Yadin Gellman, Maor Schwitzer, Joy Rieger, Eli Perrt, Mira Tzur
    Between Her
    Short Film
    Director: Bar Cohen
    Elik & Jimmy
    Romantic Comedy
    Director: Gudis Schneider
    Cast: Tsachi Sadan, Meyran Menkes, Jasmyn Green
    Director: Benny Fredman
    Cast: Roy Nik, Moria Akons, Dror Keren, Rami Baruch, Riki Blich, Nevo Kinchi
    Let The Party Begin
    Director: Aki Avni
    Cast: Aki Avni, Itzik Cohen, Maor Schwitzer, Tzahi Halevi, Dana Frider, Galit Hershkovitz
    Memory Game
    Director: Tammy Federman
    My Daughter My Love
    Director: Eitan Green
    Cast: Sasson Gabay, Sivan Levy, Clement Aubert, Albert Iluz
    Real Estate
    Director: Anat Maltz
    Cast: Victoria Rosovsky, Leib Lev Levin
    Requiem for a Whale
    Short Film
    Director: Ido Weisman
    Running On Sand
    Director: Adar Shafran
    Cast: Chancela Mogoza, Kim Or Azulay, Zvika Hadar, Michael Kabya Aharon, Yoav Hebel
    Seven Blessings
    Director: Ayelet Menachemi
    Cast: Reymonde Amsellem, Eleanor Sela, Tiki Dayan, Eran Mor, Daniel Sabag, Idit Teperson
    Silver’s Uprising The Story of Telegrass
    Director: Dan Shadur
    Sky Raiders
    Family Adventure
    Writer and director: Lior Chefetz
    Cast: Amir Tessler, Hila Natzanon, Arie Tcherner, Riki Blich, Nathan Ravitz, Dor Harari, Uri Bulfarb
    Supernova The Music Festival Massacre
    Directors: Duki Dror, Yossi Bloch, Noam Pinchas
    TAU trust alumni winners
    Directors: Paz Schwartz, Uriel Sinai, Ido Weisman, Bar Cohen
    Telling Nonie
    Directors: Paz Schwartz, Uriel Sinai
    The City
    Director: Amit Ulman
    Cast: Amit Ulman, Moria Akons, Idan Alterman, Omer Havron, Alon Neuman
    The Future
    Director: Noam Kaplan
    Cast: Reymonde Amsellem, Smadar Qupty, Aviva Ger, Salva Nakara, Dar Zuzovski
    The Gospel according to Alain
    Short Film
    Director: Yarden Malka Bonet
    The Monkey House
    Director: Avi Nesher
    Cast: Adir Miller, Shani Cohen, Suzanna Papian, Yaniv Biton, Ala Daka, Shira Naor
    The Vanishing Soldier
    Director: Dani Rosenberg
    Cast: Ido Tako, Miki Reiss, Tiky Dayan, Efrat Ben Zur
    Zero motivation
    Director: Talya Lavie
    Cast: Dana Ivgy, Nelly Tagar, Shani Klein