Plan B

החדש של עומרי גורדון

Tue 21/6, JW3

Director: Roee Florentine
Cast: Ido Rosenblum, Romi Aboulafia, Udi Kagan, Neta Riskin
Creators and Writers: Ido Rosenblum, Asaf Shalmon
2015, 2 x 30 mins, TV Comedy Drama

UK Premiere
Followed by a Q&A with the creator and main actor Ido Rosenblum.

Starring its writer Ido Rosenblum, a popular Israeli TV host, Plan B is a new TV series that has been an immense hit in Israel.
Omri Gordon is a cool and handsome rock star, somewhat self-absorbed, who finds an Ethopian baby on his doorstep, holding a note saying he’s the dad. His claim to fame is his ethnically diverse group of band members and his ‘politically correct’ facade. This is put to the test when he discovers he has a child of mixed race.
We follow Omri as he comes to terms with his unexpected leap into fatherhood whilst struggling with a fraught relationship with his parents and trying to get his girl back.

Hebrew with English subtitles

Odelia Haroush - Managing Director


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This year, SERET International – the Israeli Film & TV Festival, is celebrating five years of screening incredible films, documentaries, shorts and TV series from Israel, and sharing them with appreciative audiences in the UK.

The Festival began in London in 2012, and since then has grown to include locations all over the city, and built greater support along the way. Last year, as we had enjoyed such positive reactions from our London audiences, we expanded to Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.

Outside the UK, Amsterdam and Santiago saw their first SERET International Festivals in 2015, and 2016 will see a further expansion as SERET International arrives in Berlin and Zurich too.

We have a stunning programme for our UK Festival this year that gives a glimpse of the world-leading, innovative, dynamic and passionate film and TV industry in Israel. It’s an industry that has become more outward-looking, creating great cinema and TV that reflects themes that resonate however and wherever you live, rather than limiting itself to the conflict which so often colours perception of the country.

At the heart of many of the films in this year’s programme is the family and its diverse dynamics. From the emotionally-charged search of three siblings for their real father in ‘The Kind Words’, to the complex father/son aspirations in Baba Joon; the fall-out from a concealed identity in AKA Nadia; and the search for romantic freedom against the odds in Wedding Doll, family relationships are explored and revealed.

The family theme continues with a warmly moving film for children, ‘Abulele’ where 10 year old Adam meets an ancient, huge, friendly and invisible monster, written and directed by Jonathan Geva in his debut feature.
SERET International is also delighted to be showing the work of many other new film-makers, a reflection of the support that the Israeli film industry gives to nurturing new talent. Watch out for the debut work of newcomers Nitzan Giladi (Wedding Doll); Michal Vinik (Barash); Yuval Delshad (Baba Joon) and Tova Asher (A.K.A. Nadia).

As well as public screenings in cinemas and cultural centres, we will be holding celebratory galas and events to mark the fifth year of SERET International in the UK.
Please join us, we look forward to seeing you.

If you’d like a flavour of the highlights at year’s Festival,
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The Opening Gala attended by Ambassador of Israel, Mark Regev
who made the opening speech at the BAFT Piccadilly.
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TUESDAY JUNE 21st 2016

The SERET International Industry Day in London is held during the Festival, and is the primary forum for film and television professionals from the UK and Israel to meet to discuss their craft and international aspirations.
Our 2016 Industry Day includes introductions and masterclasses discussing the creative process and production procedures of international co-productions and adaptations, triggering opportunities for future collaborations.
This year our Industry Day is wide ranging, and we are delighted to confirm that we have a very impressive group of directors and producers of feature films, documentaries, and TV series joining us, together with several of Israel’s leading actors.
Sara Johnson

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